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  • E3-Berichte auf Mixnmojo.com

E3-Berichte auf Mixnmojo.com

  • 27.05.2002   |  
  • 16:33   |  
  • Von Jan "DasJan" Schneider    
Das International House of Mojo hat angefangen, seine Berichte von der E3 online zu stellen. Bisher sind Previews zu Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Gladius und Tim Schafers Psychonauts online, mehr Previews sollen in den nächsten Tagen folgen. Besonders das Preview zu Psychonauts macht einige interessante Anmerkungen zum Gameplay:

"Don't worry about the action elements taking too much away from the adventure qualities, though. Tim reassures us that "there's a whole other side to the game with a lot more Grim Fandango-type puzzles involving characters and inventory all mixed together." In the game, you have the ability to slow down and look around at the world you are in. If you come across a huge obstacle, you can use your psychic action powers to defeat enemies. However, you also have the option of looking for less physically dexterous ways of solving puzzles. You can also talk to various characters to learn more about the story."

Update: Previews zu Star Wars: Clone Wars und RTX Red Rock sind jetzt auch abrufbar.
Update: Das Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb-Preview ist auch dazu gekommen.


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