[Pressemitteilung] Agon 4 / Neues Agon-Spin-off

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[Pressemitteilung] Agon 4 / Neues Agon-Spin-off

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1. Worldwide release of the Mysterious Codex Collection!
2. Episode 4 is completed at a somewhat later time – new release date.
3. New FMV adventure game from Private Moon Studios: Yoomurjak’s Ring!
4. Agon webshop will be operated exclusively with Kagi’s assistance.

(1) We are glad to inform you that Agon will soon appear in most specialised outlets. The collected edition entitled Mysterious Codex, which contains the first three episodes (London Scene, Adventures in Lapland, Pirates of Madagascar), will be available in the traditional “CD-ROM in box” format by famous publishers in a number of countries. AGON will be released by VivaMedia in North America and by MicroApplication in the French-speaking world in the first quarter of 2006. In the meantime we are running negotiations about a European release for the same period. The Mysterious Codex edition provides the first three episodes as a single game, and between exotic adventures you will be able to follow Professor Samuel Hunt’s travels through letters, postcards, stories and recollections.

(2)Episode 4 is in production. The production of The Lost Sword of Toledo, which is to be bigger, longer and more detailed than earlier parts, places a heavy burden on the small development team of Private Moon Studios therefore work is slower, unfortunately. The new part, foreseen to be released in March to April, will contain a range of novelties. The game will have no less than 19 renewed characters moved by manual animation and worked out in more detail, 8 of which Professor Hunt will have conversations with. The dialogues alone make up 32 pages, and among the riddles you will find one from which you will learn how photographs were made at the time, how they were turned into a picture on paper – all in exact historical detail. The Toledo episode, enriched with more than 25 music pieces and a host of readable documents of the period and new graphic effects, continues the traditions of Agon but also offers a novel experience from a number of viewpoints.

(3) In addition to making Agon, Private Moon Studios has started working on a new historical adventure game. Upon the invitation from the picturesque Hungarian city of Eger, which played a key role in Hungarian history, an interactive film (FMV adventure game) is being produced, which has an indirect connection to the Agon series. The protagonist of the exciting adventure Yoomurjak’s Ring, produced witYoomurjak’s with more than 35 professional actors and on more than 30 locations, is Jonathan Hunt, the great grandson of the professor known from Agon.

The story takes place today. Jonathan, a young American journalist, arrives in Hungary, in Eger to be precise, and believes the disturbed story of an old man. After the old man’s unexpected death, he continues his investigation in a case leading back to the distant past. Some strange messages appear from the past, as well as a character from a novel (Yoomurjak), who may have been a real figure, a gangster, who is after the ring with five diamond stars, a mad scientist, who claims to be more than a hundred and fifty years, and a crowd of other strange characters. The adventure comes in a setting of real historical monuments: a medieval castle, citizen houses from the baroque age, a bath from the Turkish era and parks from the last century, and has more than 500 original panoramas, almost an hour and a half of movies, a detailed encyclopedia and complex riddles. It is scheduled to be released in Hungary in April to May 2006.

(4) Because the online purchasers of the Agon episodes typically preferred Kagi’s system (http://www.kagi.com) out of the purchase options available, only this service will be available in the future (from 1 January) when buying from Agon’s official website (http://www.agongame.com). Naturally, this simplification does not entail a significant change either on the website or in the usual buying methods.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year rich in adventures!

Private Moon Studios
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