Making Of?

Hier werden am 15. September 2014 Gene Mocsy und Bill Tiller Eure Fragen beantworten
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Making Of?

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The background art is absolutely adorable! Nice to see you working on this kind of game again.

I wonder if you could show some concepts of the character design process, the development of Duke Grabowski as a character. Maybe you are planning something like that already for the kickstarter, just wanted to say that I'd be really interested in this. :)
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Re: Making Of?

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I like the characters to look a bit bit like each one was designed by a different artist, though I can't always do that for one reason or the other. I was trained by famed Art Director Mike Giamo (Frozen) so I do my best to follow the principals he taught, like vary the shapes, sharp edges for masculine, curves for feminine, curves opposing straight lines, avoid complicated costume elements, watch for bad tangents, etc. And to focus on the silhouette and attitude of the character so that he is easily recognized and his emotion is readable just by his shape. Things like that. Just buy the book Illusion of Life and its all in there.

I will generally do a rough sketch of what I want first, sometimes with a color rough. Then I will either do a final drawing, or more often I have one of my favorite character artists do the final line drawing, with feedback and direction from me. I don't consider myself the best character designer, though sometimes I do some final designs on my own. I primarily work with Jean-Louis Sirois. But I have also worked with Paul Mica and Fabian Molina.