A Vampyre Story 2 / Year One

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A Vampyre Story 2 / Year One

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OK, I know this event isn't about AVS, but I HAVE to ask ;)

What's the status on AVS2? Do you still believe that there is any chance to see this one realized? It's been soooo long since the first one...

Would it be reasonable to do a remake (Full HD, Widescreen Support) of the first AVS before AVS2?

Year One: Again, what's the status on this?
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Re: A Vampyre Story 2 / Year One

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No problem.

I cant officially comment on the status of AVS 2, currently. And yes I hope that AVS2 will be completed.

I'd love to see an HD version of AVS and AVS2, and be involved in that. But you need to contact Crimson Cow and let them know you want it. That can only help make it a reality.

Due to reasons I can not go into here yet, I have put AVS: Y1 on hold. And that is one of the reasons I am working on Duke Grabowski. I didn't want to sit on my hands all this time. I wanted to make a game, and this idea seemed like a good one to do and a lot of fun to work on. I love the theme and setting. there is so much fun and cool stuff you can do in it. So I am really excited to be working on this game, until such time as I get the opportunity to work on Mona and Froderick again.