Interview mit den Machern von Cognition am Sonntag, 19.5. um 19 Uhr
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Beitragvon axelkothe » 19.05.2013, 21:44

How different was/is the work on Moebius compared to working on your own game series, Cognition?

How far along is the game?

Can you tell us anything about the game apart from the info from the Pinkerton Road kickstarter?

There was a rumour that you switched to working on Mystery Game X, while Signus will finish Moebius. Just a rumour, right?
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Re: Moebius

Beitragvon KatieHal » 19.05.2013, 21:57

Both very similar and very different. Jane is of course much more heavily involved in Moebius's development, and she's very detail-oriented and knows what she wants. She'll give a lot of precise feedback, and it's a different kind of process when you're testing and tweaking your own game versus someone else's game that you're developing. Both are important of course, and we're plenty nitpicky with Cognition, but she's an industry vet and we want to make sure we deliver the kind of quality product the players expect from a Jane Jensen game. We're using both that motivation and the feedback from Cognition to raise the bar on our work in Moebius.

There's not much more we can say that hasn't been said by Jane, due to our NDAs with Pinkerton. We've been focused recently on the first third of the game, but design and pre-production work on the rest of it is well underway, too.

I can confirm that we are indeed still working on Moebius. As for MGX, news on that one will have to come from Jane. Her latest studio updates have said that she's working with the publisher on announcing something soon, I believe.
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