[Pressemitteilung] Anima-ppd veröffentlicht Conspiracies II

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[Pressemitteilung] Anima-ppd veröffentlicht Conspiracies II

Beitragvon basti007 » 03.03.2011, 13:28

Anima-ppd interactive is releasing the new FMV (Full Motion Video) 3d adventure game «Conspiracies II-Lethal Network» on the 10th of March 2011, featuring:
• a 34 hour game play
• up to 12 different levels- “worlds” with over 8-10 locations each (each location has up to 360,000 polygons)
• over 3.000 high definition textures
• 2 ¼ hours of high definition video with 80 different actors
• Over 90 minutes of orchestral and electronic music.

The game hero, Nick Delios, well known by the first Anima-ppd interactive FMV adventure game titled “Conspiracies”, with friends all over the world, experiences new adventures trying to save Earth, meeting new people, confronting new enemies, revealing new conspiracies involving now different planets of our galaxy.

The developers of “Conspiracies II”, all of them gamers, are waiting every player who would like to contact them and share comments, opinions, questions at:
• The official website of Anima-ppd interactive (http://www.anima-ppd.com/)
• the official website forum (http://anima-ppd.forumgreek.com )
• In Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Del ... 1971604529), where he or she may become a friend of Nick Delios!
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Riesiger Roboteraffe
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Re: [Pressemitteilung] Anima-ppd veröffentlicht Conspiracies

Beitragvon k0SH » 03.03.2011, 13:32

34 Stunden Spielzeit...90 Minuten Soundtrack
Na das wird ein Spaß.
Entweder 32,5 Stunden keine Musik oder der Sndtrck wird so oft wiederholt wie noch nie!

Ich liebe diese seriösen Spielzeitangaben einfach...
So oder so, klingt nach mehr als "nur 10 Stunden".
Mitglied im "Verein zur kulturellen Förderung von Adventure- und storylastigen Computer- und Videospielen e.V." Und Du?
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